The pizza: light and tasty !!!


Margherita 6,00€

(Tomato souce and mozzarella cheese   )

Prosciutto cotto 7,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and baked ham)

Al crudo 7,50€

(Tomato souce ,mozzarella cheese and ham)

Wurstel 7,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and frankfurter)

Speck 7,50€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and speck-ham)

Prosciutto e funghi 7,50€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese,mushrooms and baked ham)

4 stagioni 8,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese,mushrooms,baked ham,artichokes and olives)

Napoli 7,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and anchovys)

Gamberetti 8,50€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and shrimps)

Tonno 7,50€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and tuna fish)

Salamino piccante 7,50€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese and spicy salami)

4 formaggi 7,50€

(Tomato souce and four type off italian cheese )

Speck e Gorgonzola 8,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese,Speck ham and Gorgonzola cheese)

Gorgonzola e salamino piccante 8,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese,Gorgonzola cheese and Spicy salami)

Tonno e cipolle 8,00€

(Tomato souce,mozzarella cheese,tunna fish and onions)


(Frozen pasta – tomato souce, mozzarella cheese and other ingredients are fresh)

Additions 1€ – Bread and service  1,50€